So the story I want to get back to writing is titled _The Dead Zone_. It is a fun little piece of alt-history. The year is 1974 (give or take a year or two) and WW2 is still going on, more or less. While there were some losers in the War, most notably the UK which is now a German puppet state named Anglemark and headed by King Edward VIII who abdicated for Wallis Simpson in real life, no one won or lost the war. After the fall of the UK the Allies went into retreat and the during the 50s the Germans bombed the poop out of the eastern side of the US. The government moved out west and became more paranoid and fascistic as the years went by. No one is allowed east of the Mississippi. Only spies go east is the theory. A researcher at the Library of Congress wants to go east to explore the old Appalachain Trail. What he finds is amazing.